mission statement

  Kerryn-Leigh  Designs

Healing Jewels of the earth

    “Everything I do is a matter of heart”

I am my feminine instinct that allow me to flow with energy when creating.


My Mission

Is to help heal emotions

 My one of a kind pieces are created using semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver for their healing energies

Kerryn-Leigh Designs is driven to create exquisite Jewellery with a unique Flair designed to appeal to the discerning Australian client, with a finger on the pulse of a Global Market

  My jewellery is the  highest standard of creative expression, integrity & quality.

 Kerryn-Leigh Collection

The Kerryn-Leigh Collection of modern jewellery is exquisite and unique

Designed to appeal to a woman’s senses on every level.

My designs take you on a visual and personal journey when you wear them.