About me

Everything I do is a matter of  heart, I use my feminine instincts to allow me to flow with energy when I am creating.

 Kerryn, creative director of Kerryn-Leigh Designs.

”For me designing comes when I’m in a space of serenity, allowing the energy to flow. This is how I express myself as a woman.”

Growing  up in lush surroundings of New Zealand,  creating became a part of life Drawing on the rich colours and textures of her homeland Kerryn cleverly introduces apposing forces to create something truly unique and beautiful that invokes feeling and emotions.

Kerryn creates her gorgeous jewellery from her home, a quaint beach house overlooking the Indian ocean, crashing of the waves and the smell of the sea for inspiration.

The mother in me nurtures others and fulfils needs, the feminine artist always strives for beauty.

beach shot 2