About me

Everything I do is a matter of  heart, I use my feminine instincts to allow me to flow with energy when I am creating.

Hi I’m Kerryn, creative director of Kerryn-Leigh Designs.
I grew up in New Zealand, a lush paradise where creating became a part of life. Appreciation of the rich colours and textures of my homeland taught me that introducing opposing forces may create something truly unique and beautiful and invokes feeling and emotions.
I consider myself to be someone who creates. Even as a child I would spend hours soaking long strands of natural cane in our bath tub then weaving them into placemats and baskets. I taught myself the art of Batik, melting wax, pouring it over fabric, playing with colours and layering the different dyes. I was always amazed at the outcome, these beautiful colours overlapping each other, developing into a thing of beauty. I went to drawing classes, used pastels and pencils to work with shadows and light, creating beautiful pictures.
During my early twenties I took up pottery. I loved manipulating the clay, spinning the wheel and watching my pots come alive. I always felt a sense of adventure when creating.
For the next 20 years, I travelled and played. After becoming a mother and wife I continued to create, making hanging puppets and sewing clothes was my down time, my time for me.
Life has a way of throwing challenges one’s way, and my biggest challenge came at the age of 40. Now a single mother of a baby girl, I moved into a quaint beach house where I began to build a life for us. It was during this time I discovered my love of Meditation and Crystals.
Always a worker, my focus was at that stage – how to juggle the role of single mum and somehow make a living?
I had some experience doing in-house presentations, showcasing products such as brassware, pot plants, hand blown glass ornaments and pottery. I decided to use my skills to sell some crystals and started my own In-home presentation business called Crystal Abyss. My audiences were captivated by the crystals, the stories and even the ‘bought in jewellery’ I had for sale. I began to pique people’s interest in the metaphysical elements of the crystals, and also realised very quickly that there was a market for handmade jewellery and my customers were keen to buy.
I started with beads designing beautiful jewellery and was lucky enough to be able to exhibit at a magnificent gallery in our South West “Yallingup Galleries”. I show off my designs at prominent markets, traveling North and South. I have developed an interactive relationship with customers whilst showcasing my jewellery and displaying them with beautiful raw crystals. I love sharing my knowledge of the crystals and the metaphysical meanings behind each piece.
Trends are always changing, so I keep a close eye on the market, staying in the flow,    my jewellery is always evolving.
Today I still live by the beach, my daughter is 15 now and I have a business that is wonderfully sustainable. I love designing. For me designing comes when I’m in a space where serenity allows the energy to flow. The Indian Ocean, the crashing of the waves and the smell of the seas are my inspiration.
The mother in me nurtures others, the feminine artist in me strives for beauty.

I love my job!

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