Ajoite on Quartz

Ajoite is Spirit energy medicine

Phonetically Ajoite is pronounced ‘Ah-Hoe-Ite’. It is named after the locality in which it was originally found; ‘Ajo’ in Pima County, Arizona in 1941. However, it wasn’t until 1958 that it was officially declared a new mineral find.

Ajoite is blue-green in colour and is a hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral with the chemical formula K2.25NA1.75 Cu20Al3Si29O76(OH)16·8(H2O) (wow that is a mouthful) ! In addition, minor traces of Iron, Calcium & Manganese may also be included. The hardness of the structure of these crystals vary, with Ajoite having a hardness of 3.5 on the Mohs scale (Diamond is 10).

Ajoite may form in veins, vugs or as fracture coatings and is often found along side other rare and vibrantly coloured minerals such as Shattuckite, Papagoite and Plancheite. Primary deposits of Ajoite are found in Arizona within the United States and the Messina District in Zimbabwe and South Africa (though the later deposits are now depleted).

Metaphysically,  Ajoite is a high frequency stone for awakening and transformation. It is soft, gentle, nurturing and so very tender. Ajoite exudes the vibration of the Goddess, the sacred feminine qualities of nurturing, creativity and compassion.

When you hold Ajoite, it is like the Earth Mother opens her arms to you and holds you, such that no matter what hardship or challenges you may be going through, Ajoite reminds you that everything will be ok… just breathe and this too shall pass.

When Ajoite is in your presence, your heart-n-mind open to the imaginal realm, the mystical and magickal field of creative intelligence. Ajoite reminds you that ANYTHING is possible when you align your thoughts, words, feelings & emotions with the Earth-Heart and step into the realm of infinite possibility.

Ajoite is its profound support it offers for clients experiencing grief, PTSD, emotional body trauma. Ajoite has this innate ability to cleanse the Auric field of pain/suffering in a gentle, loving and compassionate way.  A loving union of your Heart & Throat chakras is amplified through Ajoite. When the Heart & Throat chakra’s are aligned, the power of Divine Word emanates from your Heart and your words are expressed from a place of authentic and loving truth. In addition.

When wearing Ajoite, you will attract people of like mind or spirit into your life – people that illuminate your innate beauty, warm your heart and support your unique ways of being in this world. Life takes on enhanced meaning and becomes more spiritually fulfilling through Ajoite Spirit Energy Medicine.