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I honour the wisdom of the feminine divine

This is how I create my Jewellery …

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Kerryn-Leigh Designs

range of Jewels

Linj’dta Jewels of the Earth

Linj’dta is an aboriginal name for

“now is the moment of your being”.
It emphasises the importance of living in this moment in time –
“ where the energy is…”
This range came about through a strong connection to Australia.
I wanted a name that name honours this connection, as well as explaining the ethos behind the range.


My Gallery Collection

This is my collection of Rare and high vibration Gemstones, some of the gems used in this range are from my personal collection 
” the pick of the crop”
you might say


Become a Stockist of Kerryn-Leigh Design 

  Do you have a retail business ?   Jewellery, Boutique or gift shop 

Or maybe an online store …..

This will work for you, Kerryn-Leigh Designs creates a specific range of Jewellery for your business.

I will work with you to determine your clientele style.

Kerryn-Leigh Designs are contemporary and hand crafted Sterling Silver Jewellery, made here in Australia. Reflecting aspects of this beautiful country through the use of colour and design.

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