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Ajoite set in stamped 925 Sterling Silver (SOLD)

Now THIS is special … Ajoite from South Africa very rare … Strong connections to divine Femimine, pulling in wealth & love energies while directly connecting you to the angelic realm ….. Ajoite emits the loving energy of the Goddess and of Mother Gaia, aiding sweet loving communication with Spirit and the Angels. This beauty grows on Clear Quartz the magnifier, master healer & energiser, emotionally supportive stone. It is a highly spiritual stone, that elevates you with a strong feminine energy from the Goddess



Labradorite set in 925 stamped sterling silver (SOLD)

This is truly the stone of magic, taking you into worlds within to heal and explore


925 stamped sterling silver Cobolto Calcite pendent

Cobolto Calcite also known as (Sphaerocobaltite) DEEP HEART HEALING ♥ Unconditional Love and Sincere forgiveness ♥ Connects to heart & Higher ♥ Supports self love ♥ Releases fear & grief ♥ Increases Self Worth ♥ Taps into the vibration of Divine LOVE



Verdelite set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 8mm x 25mm)

Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) is often used to attract money and success by encouraging one to release inhibitions and reach for their true desires. Additionally, Green Tourmaline aids in implementing new projects. It has an inherent connection to the Earth keeps you grounded in the here and now, this aspect of Green Tourmaline makes it possible for one to connect with the nature spirits. Green Tourmaline is a supreme Heart Chakra Crystal that encourages strength and vitality, is often used for opening and activating the Heart chakra, as well as providing a sense of peace and calm to the heart and nervous system. This stone is metaphysically protective, fabulous for clearing the aura, and removing blockages.



Clorite crystals set in stamped 925 sterling silver

Chlorite is considered one of the most powerful healing stones. It cleanses and purifies the aura, chakras and other energy centers. It can remove negative energy of all kinds, including anger, hostility, illness, and others. Creatively, they promote a state of inspiration. Chlorite is also used to remove unwanted energy implants, healing the void left after the implants are removed.


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Aqua Marine set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 30mm x 8mm)

Aquamarine was traditionally worn by sailors to protect them from the water and against storms. Aquamarine has also been used to protect against gossip. In medieval Europe, aquamarine was believed to re-awaken love in a marriage and to make soldiers invincible in battle. The Greeks believed that aquamarine would absorb the energy of young love and was considered the best gift for a groom to give his bride after consummating their marriage




Pyrite set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 40mm x 28mm)

Pyrite the stone of confidence and endurance Summary …Masculine energy, Manifestation, Action, Vitality, Willpower, Creativity Pyrite helps you take action on your ideas or concept, gives you a boost for accomplishing challenging tasks. Pyrite enhances willpower, assisting you in overcoming bad habits and establishing news. It will aid you in overcoming anxiety and fear, it helps to establish a ‘can-do’ attitude. It can screen out negativity in your environment and give you the courage to banish such influences from your life. Pyrite stimulates creativity in arts, mathematics, sculpture, architecture and science, It feeds the qualities of ambition, commitment and persistence.




Clear Quartz cluster with rainbows set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 50mm x 30mm)

Clear Quartz the Most Powerful Healer ♥ Amplifies energy ♥ Increases energy flow ♥ Works with any crystal ♥ Aligns all chakras ♥ sends the white Ray ♥ Ascension to next level ♥ Stimulates Immune system ♥ Brings body into balance ♥ Energy saver .



Sphaerocobaltite set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 40mm x 15mm)

Cobolto Calcite (Sphaerocobaltite) Deep Heart Healing ♥ Unconditional Love and Sincere forgiveness ♥ Connects to heart & Higher ♥ Supports self love ♥ Releases fear & grief ♥ Increases Self Worth ♥ Taps into the vibration of Divine LOVE



Kunzite set in stamped 925 sterling silver (stone 70mm x 23mm)

Kunzite is a very powerful healing stone. It is actually one of the few stones that has an trichroic exterior. (meaning it exhibits three different colors when viewed from different angles). Each of the three shades are soft pastel colors, which symbolizes purity and new life, or rebirth. The energy of Kunzite promotes healing, luck, power, love, balance and grounding. It is said to take one’s head out of the clouds and bring it back to reality, back down to Earth. The vibrations of this stone are quite lovely, as it emits an exceptionally tranquil vibration. It aids one to connect with divine joy to spread love on all levels. Have patience with Kunzite, because, in time, it will empower one to think only loving thoughts, indulge in heartfelt conversations, how to be compassionate with soft words and how to use a sincere tone of voice. In return this helps increases self-love and self-acceptance.




Sugalite pendent set in stamped 925 sterling silver

A most beautiful and powerful crystal of the Violet Ray energy, Sugilite is a premier “love stone for this age,” embodying the perfection of Divine love and the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. It brings the gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion, helping one to understand that Truth is the highest form of love, and living in one’s own truth is not only healing but empowering. Working with, wearing or meditating with Sugilite amplifies the ability to channel high frequency Violet energy into every aspect of one’s being in order to walk the Earth in strength and grace. Sugilite reminds the soul of its reasons for incarnating, and enhances one’s understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this journey on the physical realm



Smokey Brandberg on matrix set in 925 sterling silver

Brandbergs are one of the most beautiful of the Quartz family nestled in her mothers belly. Sending out vibes of nurture, love, peace and protection